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How to Download and Install GTA 5 .APK and SD Data Files

This post is a guide on how you can download and install this gta 5 .apk and SD data files on your android devices.  It is really easy to do that but for the sake of users who don’t know how to do it this guide is really for you. You can check this page for the proof that this gta 5 for android is working.

The GTA 5 .APK file is really small.  After installing the game on your device what you need to do next is to download the full update so the game will work online and you will able to use all the latest features.  The file that you need to download is less than 50 MB but you need at least  1 GB free space because the update will use 600MB of space in your SD card.

– The first thing that you need to do is to click the download button

Click Me
  – Then You need to complete an offer ( You need to complete an offer to help us so we can continue updating and developing this application)  After completing an offer the download will automatically start.

– Download the gta 5 .apk in your computer

– Now Connect your android device to your computer and copy the .apk file in your SD card

– Install it using your application manager

– Run gta 5 for android and enjoy playing the game

Note : Some countries don’t have an available offers or survey. If you failed to complete the survey then the download will not start.


Tip : 1. Usually there’s an offer that you just need to install a software. Choose that offer.

– Install the application (Ex. 7 zip, mediaplayer and etc)

– After Installing the application the download will start

– After the download just uninstall the application that you installed.


Many people are asking why they cannot find any survey on their country. If you cannot see any offer/survey in your country then there’s no chance for you to download the installer manually. The only option that you may have is by donating in our site.  You can do that by posting a comment using your real email address so we can contact you anytime.

About GTA 5 on Android?

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is indeed the most amazing game today.  This game has been developed by Rockstar North and Published by Rockstar Games.  There’s a lot of good feature on this game.  The best feature that I like a bout this game is you will have an option if you want to play the game in first person mode or in third person mode.  It has a large map where you can enjoy roaming around Los Santos.  In this version players will be able to complete new missions and objectives so you can unlock the progress of the story.  This GTA 5 for android will run on android devices which is running on Android Version 3.5 or higher.

UPDATE 3/25/2015: 

We have updated the apk file and SD data files to the latest version so it will work online again. The old version will not work online anymore. So if you are having fun playing the game online then you should download and reinstall the updated version.


This version is not published by the original developer. We have our own game developer who tries their best to develop this game so it will run on android devices. We are also working for this game to be available also on IOS soon.

GTA 5 will be available soon for PC. The problem is it is not free, you need to pay for it so you can play it online. We have some good news for GTA 5 fans, we will release a PC version that is working online as well for free.

Update 6/9/2015 : 

New update has been released and you need to download the installer again so it will work on your mobile. If you already have the game in your android devices then you should go to settings -> update and it will automatically do the update for you.

If you can’t see an automatic update option on your device then you need to download the new installer by going to this link : Click Here  and download our latest installer.

The latest update includes the latest update happened on console platform (PS4 and Xbox One). We have applied all the updates. The only thing that we are still working on is the first person mode. We are trying our best to include this on our next update which will happen on August 2015.

I will be posting the change log and the latest pictures this week so you can see it in actual screenshots.

Screenshot : 

gta 5 android png


Latest update (June 22, 2015): Update will be release tonight.  We will announce if our developer is done with the latest update.  Please keep supporting us by liking our fan page and by visiting our secondary site :


  1. Thanks Admin. I downloaded it and successfully installed it on my S3. I’m trying to play it now online. Thanks for guiding me.

  2. Thank you so much for providing the apk file. Other site offers crap and this time I finally have the apk installer. I don’t need the sd data files because the apk installer alone works fine. Now playing it on my android device. A little bit slow but works really good. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanksssssss man it work on galaxy grand

  4. gta 5 is good

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